Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director, GroupOne Background Screening

As a workforce, we’re led to believe that if it’s documented and issued by management, then the message is undisputed. More than ever, we must question the accuracy of any type of report produced by a third-party source. The increased capability of data miners creates concern among background screening firms on the reliability of the data on the market.

Whether a company is examining criminal history or employment verification, the content is expected to be accurate and validated. Data providers are incapable – at times – of ensuring their information reflects criminal history identifying recent convictions. Challenges in obtaining up-to-date information can also impact a client’s ability to receive important records. Hospital human resources or administrative officers should regularly ask their background screening company of the turnaround times of their sources.

The attainment of professional certification and accreditation continues to be timely. While the information is readily posted online, there is a certain degree of investigation and validation requiring more time than usual. Add even more time if there is a suspension or disbarment.

Education verification continues to be the most challenging of sources. Due to the rise in private proprietary schools, both at the high school and collegiate levels, education sources oftentimes close while failing to transfer records. The climate today is highly populated with falsified education documents from so-called “diploma mills.” Let’s not forget manufactured transcripts and non-validated sources created by “fast dollar” entrepreneurs increasing the standard time for verification.

Ultimately, confirming the legitimacy of a candidate’s credentials is the responsibility of GroupOne Background Screening. The cautious road towards obtaining clean data has more than its share of bumps and can be hazardous due to the speedy distribution of false information. A solid and experienced background reporting agency can navigate successfully through these hardships and provide reliable intelligence. While it is always important to “trust your sources,” it’s also important to verify them.