Does your company have a background screening process in place? Do you sometimes wonder if it’s as effective as it should be? Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we’ve noticed that while companies across the U.S. have background screening procedures, some have room for improvement. Here’s a list of the top background screening mistakes we’ve noticed.

1. No background screening policy
The first business mistake you can make is not having a background screening policy. Verifying the honesty of a potential employee can mean the difference between hiring an employee who steals and an employee who allows your company to succeed. A simple screening can be as low as $20 – less than the cost of going to a movie. It’s also important to be diligent in your research of not only the potential employee, but the company providing background screening, to ensure they are compliant with all the laws regarding background screens. Here at GroupOne, we are not only Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, but work daily to stay educated of all of the procedures and laws that can sometimes change regularly.

2. Not getting the job candidate’s permission
This is essential. Doing a background check on a potential employee requires permission from the candidate. Here at GroupOne, we have a number of online options through which you can submit information, and the turnaround time is shorter than mailing a request. Disclosure of background screenings is always a good way to make sure those candidates applying are willing and aware of the screening. Transparency from the beginning is always the best practice. Just remember, legally and ethically, permission is always necessary.

3. Avoiding education background checks
Education is a key component to a successful employee. Here at GroupOne, we’ve noticed oftentimes people will lie on their resumes to get the job. Today, it is a simple process to contact education institutions to confirm a candidate’s degrees. If a person lies on their application, they will most likely lie to their employer. Be sure to cover all points of their education path, and if necessary, you can also ask for copies of their transcripts or diplomas.

4. Not verifying temporary and contract workers
GroupOne advises that it is very important to check every employee in your company. Temporary workers and contractors not on the full-time payroll are still employees, and sometimes they can even pose more of a threat because they are not committed to the company’s business practices long-term. Making sure every worker has a clear background is never something to skip. Background checks prevent fraud, theft, fraud and protect your company’s safety and reputation. It is the responsibility of your company to be aware of the background of every employee even if they are only employed temporarily. It’s a smart investment that can prevent costly mistakes in the future.

5. Mistaken identity
Mistaken identity is more of a problem now with a larger population and a greater probability of exact name copies. When you submit a request for a background search, especially in large cities, you may find multiple reports under the same name. This can be a serious problem if a person’s report comes back with drug or traffic charges, when in fact their record is clean. It can cost them the job and tarnish their reputation, without the truth ever being known. It’s important to be forthcoming with findings to ensure proper identity.

6. Limited database searches
A huge mistake we’ve noticed at GroupOne is choosing the wrong database to research a candidate’s’ criminal history. Job pools are now global, and thoroughly investigating someone’s full history may include running background screens in other countries. You should also avoid using only social media sources when checking a candidate’s history.

If you have any questions on these issues, please do not hesitate to contact GroupOne. Our experts are here to assist.