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Excerpted from Washington Examiner By Paul Bedard

64% back Dunkin’s war on stores hiring illegal workers

A majority of voters, Republicans and Democrats, back efforts by world famous doughnut maker Dunkin’ to take back stores from franchisees who refuse to use the E-Verify system to make sure workers are documented.

The latest Scott Rasmussen survey found that 64% back the effort, described in this Secrets story as the firm’s bid to make sure all its stores employ legal workers.

In his analysis, Rasmussen said, “81% of Republicans believe the company’s actions were justified. So do 64% of independents and 51% of Democrats.”

According to several reports, the Massachusetts-based breakfast and lunch restaurant, which recently changed its name from Dunkin’ Donuts, has sued to stop franchise owners who don’t verify the legal status of workers from operating. The use of the free federal E-Verify system is required in franchise contracts, according to the reports.

The most recent suits were filed in Delaware and Pennsylvania, “amid what appears to be a crackdown on franchisees employment verification practices,” according to Restaurant Business.

Rasmussen also found that voters overwhelmingly support E-Verify, the system federal immigration officials have been urging businesses to adopt.

“To ensure that people hired are legal residents of the United States, 80% favor the law requiring use of an E-Verify system during the hiring process. Twenty percent (20%) are opposed. Those figures include 45% who ‘Strongly Favor’ the law and 6% who are ‘Strongly Opposed,’” said the poll analysis.