From “zombie-like” behavior in the workplace to one of the most shocking background checks in history, GroupOne Background Screening kicked off its 2020 Webinar Series with “My Top-10 HR Horror Stories” yesterday. The webinar has now been posted online.

GroupOne’s David Graves, a sales consultant and an HR soldier for over two decades, served as speaker. David discussed a few of his own HR horror stories while providing solutions to oftentimes surreal affairs and how he was able to negotiate through several “uncomfortable” situations.

This complimentary educational webinar, equal parts illuminating and informative, was co-hosted by Kaitlyn Ellis, GroupOne’s marketing associate.

You can view the webinar here.

GroupOne’s 2020 Webinar Series will continue throughout the year with five additional programs to follow. Details coming soon!

For information, please contact Kaitlyn at or 972-719-4208.