Excerpted from a WTOP News Post by Kate Ryan

While Montgomery County’s Department of Recreation near Baltimore carries out required criminal background checks on its employees, the department lacks formal policies regarding those records, according to a report from the county’s inspector general (OIG).

Inspector General Megan Davey Limarzi said the department carries out the required checks, but the department “does not have a formal policy concerning the retention and destruction of criminal history information and related hiring records.”

“There are a number of employees previously fingerprinted by the Department of Recreation who still appear on Recreation’s current list,” Limarzi said. “That means that any notification of an arrest in Maryland is sent to the recreation department.”

“What we saw was the list had over 20,000 names on it. Certainly recreation doesn’t have that many individuals,” Limarzi said. “There are employees — former employees, or just individuals who applied, who are still being monitored.”

Nearly 94% of the department’s employees include temporary seasonal workers involved in programming for children, senior citizens and vulnerable populations.

The report noted that the department’s policy regarding background checks is in draft form that has not been formalized since it was drawn up in 2004. The OIG’s research also showed no written policy regarding continued monitoring or reinvestigation of employees.

The OIG listed a number of recommendations including:

In the response to the OIG report, Rich Madaleno, the chief administrative officer for Montgomery County, wrote that the department “takes very seriously its obligations to ensure that its employees providing these services undergo all required criminal background investigations.”

Madaleno wrote that the county “concurs” with the recommendations, and the Department of Recreation will “take appropriate actions to further strengthen the existing controls and processes as noted in the report.”

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