Excerpted from a Hall Benefits Law Blog

According to a 2023 Accenture report, organizations implementing disability-inclusive policies and practices often have better financial performance than similar organizations. Examples of disability-inclusive practices include using videos with captions and seeking regular input on improvements from employees with disabilities.

The report, which expanded and built upon a similar report from 2018, examined 346 U.S. companies participating in the Disability Equality Index. As compared to similar-size companies, the companies who utilized disability-inclusive policies tended to have:

The report authors also noted that Glassdoor reviews of companies that participated in the Disability Equality Index mentioned disability inclusion far more frequently than reviews of companies that did not. These reviews show that employees are aware of and appreciate companies’ efforts to incorporate these policies.

As many as one in four American adults have a disability. More opportunities for remote work have allowed more adults with disabilities to enter the U.S. workforce. The percentage of these adults in the workforce has increased from 20% to 37% over the past five years. Still, the workforce participation of individuals with disabilities is about half of those individuals without disabilities.

The Accenture report provided a framework for companies to improve their disability-inclusive policies, as follows:

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