Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director, GroupOne Background Screening

The struggle continues as we try to build the ideal pipeline of qualified candidates for healthcare systems. A significant amount of resources is invested annually in training, marketing, advertising and development to tap into potential candidate pools that may not exist. This challenge has been an obstacle to professionals for several years. We must continually examine the various “talent mining” tactics to increase our efficiency.

The candidate marketplace has evolved, with increased value now being placed on flexibility rather than long-term, permanent employment. Such histories were once highly regarded when a candidate had 10-plus years of continuous employment. In today’s market, this type of tenure is becoming a rarity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median number of years employees work for their current job is 4.6 years. The median tenure for workers 25-34 is 3.2 years. For employees 65 and over, the tenure averages 10.3 years. Workers in service occupations had the lowest median tenure with 3.2 years.

One significant strategy that continues to evolve is the option of developing talent internally. The key is creating an infrastructure to provide opportunity, training and counseling for technical and direct care providers. Benefits from such a program include the formation of an environment of loyalty. Solving your staff shortages by increasing sign-on bonuses to “sweeten” the deal are no longer as effective as, say, providing a student loan repayment plan.

It’s critical your talent acquisition team looks beyond tradition and explores creative options attractive to new generations and lifestyles. In addition, we must work harder to retain and engage our employees to ensure they find their job worthwhile and satisfying. Creating a positive, transparent environment will always contribute to trust and support.

It’s unfortunate – but it happens – when you spend thousands of dollars to recruit a top talent and after only a few months they walk out the door because of the perceived absence of appreciation of their skills. Our patients and customers are served by the people we should value and support. And that is our employees.