Excerpted from a Troutman Pepper Blog by Jason Lichter, Alison Grounds, Tracey Diamond, Ahsley Hager, Kim Phan and James Koenig

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated every aspect of corporate America, and organizations’ legal, compliance, and human resources departments are understandably struggling to keep pace. Forward-thinking companies are beginning to implement policies governing the use of these tools, but an off-the-shelf policy not tailored to your unique circumstances could do more harm than good.

As an early adopter of generative AI in the law firm community, we faced these same challenges when crafting the firm’s first AI policy, and we quickly realized our clients could benefit from reviewing some key questions we asked ourselves during that process.

Policy Scope

Organizational Usage of Generative AI

Legal Environment

Practical Issues

We hope this guidance helps to reduce, rather than amplify, the anxiety rightfully felt by many seeking to gain better control over unfettered use of generative AI.

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