Did you know 33% of employees admit to stealing money from employers and that 30% of business failures are related to employee theft? And this is after pre-employment screening!

While pre-employment screening is critical in protecting companies, post-employment screening conducted at intervals during an employee’s tenure is equally important when protecting your company. One-time background checks minimize bad hiring; periodic GroupOne ReChecks minimize risks for the long haul.

There are two types of ReChecks:

1. Criminal ReChecks: Screening employees to detect recent criminal activity or convictions which occurred after they were hired. The ReChecks can take place monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually.

2. Sanctions/Exclusions ReChecks: Screening employees to detect if they have been added to government sanctions or watch lists making them ineligible to work in certain capacities.

Protect your assets with GroupOne ReChecks.

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