If you haven’t heard, on October 30 President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order providing guidance for employers on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The Order establishes industry standards for AI security and safety. Rolling out at more than 100 pages, the highly detailed Order is attempting to set parameters for AI usage while mitigating risks associated with the emerging technology.

For businesses utilizing AI software for employment decisions, the Order provides a plan. AI’s rapid developments have required policymakers to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. The Order signals a commitment to promoting AI innovation while also inspiring the U.S. to take the lead when utilizing its potential.

AI Employment Issues

President Biden’s Order serves as a commitment to supporting America’s workforce. As AI creates new jobs and industries, the Order insists all workers should be included in benefiting from the technology. The Order also maintains that responsible AI usage should improve workers’ lives rather than infringing upon their rights.

The order signals that companies will not be excused from legal obligations when using AI, with the government’s continued enforcement against fraud, bias, discrimination and privacy.

It’s important to note that within 180 days of issuing the Order, the Secretary of Labor will consult with national agencies and other entities to develop and publish AI best practices for employers. These best practices will address labor standards and job quality, and especially an employer’s use of AI when collecting and using employee data.


President Biden’s detailed Order should alert employers that AI is most definitely a part of the future with additional changes on the horizon. As AI becomes engrained within our business, employers should be aware of the Order’s guidance and stay up to date on new legislation. If your business has avoided paying attention to AI developments, now is probably a good time to start.