By Danny Davila, Director of FCRA Regulatory Risk and Consumer Compliance Advisor, GroupOne Background Screening

Undoubtedly, the last four months have presented difficulties for talent acquisition leaders. Tasks, at one time viewed as routine, have become increasingly complex due to the closure of source providers.

The instability of county court records across the U.S. has created a logjam for background reporting agencies. In some cases, data warehouses are selling data that has not been carefully scrubbed. The importance of quality assurance is more important than ever before. In addition, the issuance of conviction and final court dispositions have been delayed, thus prolonging the documentation.

We are now adjusting processes to help speed up onboarding. There’s recent attempts to inspire candidates to be “self-sufficient,” though this too is increasing time delays. Incomplete applications needed to proceed with processing now requires additional time. Indeed, there’s almost a sense of nostalgia for the days when we could “hand hold” candidates.

The verification of employment history is changing due to the sudden closure of businesses and the oftentimes complete lack of contingent sources. These sudden closures result in the absence of human resources or administrators to validate dates and titles. Just recently, a large laboratory with medical technologist and analysts closed unexpectedly with no warning. These individuals will be facing challenges when having their employment validated.

Schools are now adjusting how they report information. The administrative staff are working remotely, with little access to large volumes of information. Today, schools have other priorities and confirming education likely is the last thing on their minds with fall approaching.

So, what do we do? Well, we adapt, adjust and ensure that we continuously research our sources. We communicate extensively and continue to be the primary source for background screening questions. During these trying times, there is no magic formula. The effort to obtain reliable and accurate background reports will still depend on investigation, resourcing and adhering to laws that govern our industry. We are here for our clients and we will continue to serve during these difficult times.